We become YOUR IT department

Choosing the Outsourcing solution means giving your IT infrastructure into the hands of an external provider.
The benefits? Your IT system is independently and reliably managed by a professional partner.

We want an IT ... that works!

Outsourcing at a fixed price

Our approach:

Once your IT system has been thoroughly audited, we will see to the implementation, management and maintenance of your IT system (or part of it) at your request.

We will be the first contact person for your team’s questions about IT – Yet we will remain a reliable and independent external partner.

Outsourcing made-to-measure and measurable

At request, we can offer a full range of IT services, formalized in a product and service catalogue.

We make a detailed quotation for delivery, implementation and management of this catalogue.

It will be clearly stated which domains require our intervention. For each implemented solution, we define quantitative and qualitative measures (KPI – Key Performance Indicator) in order to evaluate whether goals as set at the beginning of the project have been successfully implemented.