Efficient long-term processes

Once the IT solution has been implemented, we make sure the optimized IT process continues functioning as set up.

We take care of:

  • Defining the infrastructure and linked processes,
  • Developing the new software versions,
  • Managing the infrastructure,
  • etc.

At your request, we provide outsourcing services of your IT infrastructure..

Hosting and security services

To us, your IT infrastructure is ONE integrated ENTITY. Therefore we also meet your needs for internal and/or external hosting.

Hostingis more than just websites and e-mails nowadays. A lot of internal processes depend upon an efficient and interactive hosting:

  • data base management,
  • specific business applications,
  • remote use,
  • internal platforms management,
  • secured back-ups
  • ...

We do not only deliver the platform to host your tools, we also have the competence to manage it all!