IT systems Audits

Identifying what you have and what you need

A thorough audit of your information system requirements as well as of your existing IT infrastructure will tell us:

  • Whether your existing infrastructure meets the functional needs of your activities,

  • Whether the capacity of your information system is fully used,

  • Whether the system and internal procedures lead unnecessary costs,

  • Whether your data is sufficiently protected,

We not only list ‘things that don’t function’. We determine what IT services are needed for your activities to function perfectly. All of this within the limits of a clearly defined budget.

More efficient, useful and profitable IT infrastructure

There is no such thing as a universal solution that covers all needs. That’s why we start by detecting the problems and specific needs for your company. Only that way we can find and implement the most fitting IT solutions.

An IT system audit may lead to:

IT system audits free of engagements

Theaudit itself will already reveal a number of possible solutions to optimize your IT structure. Sometimes it will only take a few small changes to increase productivity, efficiency and reliability of your IT environment.

Moreover you are free to choose your IT provider for implementing the proposed solutions. We offer our services in complete transparency, and we don’t oblige you to unconditionally commit yourself to our company.