Activities: Communication / Web

Type of Service: Audit / Outsourcing

After a number of prompt missions for resolving some technical issues in their webhosting infrastructure, we got the opportunity to broaden our cooperation with them by proposing to fully outsource their webhosting and related activities.

We started by performing an audit of the original infrastructure.  This infrastructure was based on a series of servers for hydrogen configuration rented from various larger hosts.  We proposed a new architecture and proceeded to the consolidation of the different services needed for the activities of StudioLOL on the infrastructure of CSD Solutions.

For more flexibility, we had to resort to the virtualization (KVM) on a server dedicated to StudioLOL.

We did more than just deliver the environments; we also carried out the actual data transfers to the new servers.

We now manage the traditional LAMP server (for Linux, Apache, Myself, php, i.e. an Apache HTTP Server with support for PHP language on a LINUX operating system and a base server for MySQL data), as well as the e-mail infrastructure of StudioLOL and its clients. This consists in a groupware Zimbra server. An online publicity campaigns management server OpenX and a mailing lists system OEMPro are also part of the solution.

Furthermore, we manage the monitoring (Icinga and munin) and the data backup to an external site (with stand-by system).